Ziel-tech GmbH

Ziel-tech GmbH, which was founded in Germany / Leipheim, will continue to operate in 2019 on all continents, especially in Europe.
The main industries supplying machinery and equipment are: industry, construction, energy, defense, automotive, mining, petrochemical, and others.

Our company participates in public tenders in Germany as well as in other large European countries and worldwide as well as in tenders of the private sector. In particular, with the support of our liaison offices in Europe, America and other countries, we can meet our customers with good prices and short delivery times. The Ziel-Tech GmbH as engineering office expands its field of activity with approximately 1500 suppliers in 26 countries by systematic and fast solutions with the supply of machine spare parts for all industries.

Ziel-Tech is a professional company that supplies various spare parts for the machinery and equipment industry. With its professional team and foundation, with many years of delivery experience, it advises its customers in terms of quality and accurate product discovery.

Submit your request and let us find fast and innovative solutions for your needs.

Ziel-Tech Engineering GmbH

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